If you don’t have safety products such as first aid kit, flare gun etc. in your boat then you are leaving yourself at high risk while in the sea. Basic boat safety products are crucial to have safe and sound travel during the summer time. With boating season in the country, make sure your boat contains all important safety products to handle any emergency situation. We have listed some very important boat safety products for you. 

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Orion 12-Gauge High Performance Aerial Signal Pack

* Altitude: Up to 500 feet. * Burn time: Up to 7 seconds each. * Brightness: Up to 16,000 candela.

Orion 820 Comm Distress Kit 3-50mi Solas

$325.98 $277.00
New Cmrcl Flare Kit 3-50mile Orion Safety Products 820

Orion 962 Runabout First Aid Kit

$15.00 $12.70
Perfect Kit to put in your Glove Box to handle common minor mishaps. 11 Different Items/38 Total Pieces Adhesive Strips

ORION Alert Plus Kit

Coastal alerter kit with accessories in neoprene floating case 2 per case. 12 gauge launcher with bandolier, red aerials, whistle

Orion Coastal Locator “Plus 4” Signal Kit with Hand Held Signals

The Orion 534 Coastal Locater Plus Kit contains (4) USCG approved red handheld flares, (1) SOLAS approved safety whistle with

Orion Safety Alerter Coastal Signalling Kit

$70.00 $63.00
Never feel alone on the water when your bring along this Orion flare gun. Designed for lake and coastal boating

Orion Safety Products Coastal First Aid Kit

$35.00 $25.00
Orion Coastal First Aid Soft-Pack Kit. Packed in double zipper, PVC coated nylon bags with room to add additional safety

Orion Safety Products Fish N Ski Marine First Aid Kit

$25.00 $19.90
Orion Fish N Ski 74 piece First Aid Soft-Pack Kit. Plastic case with NEW gasketed dual locking lid, fits into

Orion Safety Products Weekender Marine First Aid Kit

$43.00 $27.00
Orion Weekender 146 piece First Aid Soft-Pack Kit. Plastic case with NEW gasketed dual locking lid, fits into small storage

Orion Signal Kit Bag with First-Aid Kit

$130.00 $112.00
The Orion 549 Signal Kit Bag includes 12-Gauge Launcher, Aerial, Handheld, Smoke Signaling and First Aid Kit. A complete signal