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Amita 4 R Outboard Propeller,13″ Pitch,Diameter 13.25(1413-133-13)

Solas Amita 4 R, propeller is an aluminum propeller made using exclusive sqeeze cast process which makes it tougher, durable and

Amita 4R High Thrust Propeller,17″Pitch,Diameter 12.25(1413-128-17)

Solas Amita 4 R Aluminum boat propeller is designed with wider blades to provide higher thrust to your boat for

Amita 4R Outboard Motor Propeller,19 Pitch,Diameter 12.5(1413-125-19)

Among boat props, Solas Amita 4 R aluminum boat propellers are considered best due to their higher static thrust, toughness &

HR Titan 4 L, 13″ Pitch, Diameter 13 1/2

– Provides great stern lift & acceleration – High rake blade with large cupping – Powerful thrust & very smooth